Monday, October 7, 2013

Updates for 10/7/13

Online Reader
I want to welcome Mark Cooper to the enki System staff. Mark is currently working on the online reader and has been able to restore some of it's functionality. Most books can now be viewed online but there are some that still don't work. In addition, images do not show in the online reader. This should also be fixed soon.

Please note: some of our ebooks are in PDF format and cannot be read through the online reader. We will be researching methods to make it possible to read the PDF files online also, but for now, there is not a button on that type of file.

PINS and such
A few weeks ago, I created a script to indicate what type of password (Last Name, Birth Date, PIN) that a particular Library uses when logging in. Once the Library is selected, the login box changes to show the type of password that is needed.

New Libraries
In the past couple of weeks, the enki Library system has grown tremendously. There are now 22 Libraries in the system. Of the 22 Libraries, 11 are live and 11 are still doing in-house testing. Since the dropdown list is getting quite long, we will be creating a solution that will prevent the need to use the dropdown lists. Most likely, this will involve changing the URL that each Library uses to access enki.

New Titles
We are getting ready to load over 400 new titles from McGraw Hill. We'll let you know when these are loaded.