Thursday, February 13, 2014

Tutorial Now Available 

 A tutorial for using enki is now available on the enki site. The Tutorial link is just beneath the search box on the front page of enki next to the Help link. 

The tutorial was developed by staff at Kansas State Library, one of the original project funders, and will continue to be updated as the service evolves. One of the great things about the tutorial is that it includes the options for patrons to select among various ways to read ebooks--download to pc or mac, download to e-reader or tablet, online reading, or download to kindle fire--and only get the info relevant to their situation.

Patron Barcode Changes

We now have a form for barcode changes on the enki help site. After a patron has changed their barcode at their home library, they can fill out the form on the help site and all holds, checkouts, wish list items, etc. will be transferred to their new card number. 

Just go to the enki help site and click on the link to "How do I transfer my enki eBook holds from my old library card to my new account number?".

Hold Notice URLs

We fixed an issue where the hold notices did not include the library specific domain in the links. This has now been fixed, so if a patron clicks on a link on a hold notice, they will be taken to the correct library system enki page.

There was a similar issue with links that can be emailed or sent to the patron via SMS. This has also been fixed.


There was an issue where titles that had subtitles were showing  the subtitle twice. For example, the title "Divorce: It's All About Control" shows as "Divorce: It's All About Control: It's All About Control". This issue has been fixed.