Sunday, April 12, 2015

Library URLs

In January 2014, we announced the change to library specific URLs. This was the first step in creating the ability for libraries to purchase their own content and have it added to enki. We recently put the new code that will allow library owned content into place.  Since putting the code in place, the generic URLs of and have not allowed users to place holds. A fix for this has been put in place which requires users to specify their library system if it is not in the URL.

If you still use one of the generic URLs, please edit your website to change the link to use the new, library specific, URL. This will provide better service for your users.
The new URL is in the form of where xxxx is the code that your library has been assigned in enki. So, for example, the URL for Alameda County Library will be  Let me know if you have any questions.

You should also use the new, library specific, URL in your MARC records if at all possible.

acl - Alameda County Library
afpl - Alameda Free Public Library

alpine - Alpine County Library & Archives
apl - Anaheim Public Library
banld - Banning Library District
bld - Beaumont Library District
bpl - Berkeley Public Library
bgcls - Black Gold Cooperative Library System
bpld - Buena Park Library District
bur - Burlingame Public Library
bcl - Butte County Library
cml - Camarena Memorial Library
cccl - Contra Costa County Library
cpl - Corona Public Library
cola - County of Los Angeles Public Library
dacl - Daly City Public Library
dncl - Del Norte County Library
edl - El Dorado County Library
fpl - Fullerton Public Library
hml - Harrison Memorial Library
hwd - Hayward Public Library
hcl - Humboldt County Library
hbpl - Huntington Beach Public Library
imp - Imperial County Free Library
icfl - Inyo County Free Library
ksl - Kansas - State Library
kcl - Kern County Library
lpl - Livermore Public Library
lgl - Los Gatos Library
marin - MARINet
mcl - Mendocino County Library
mpl - Menlo Park Public Library
mvjl - Mission Viejo Library
mono - Mono County Library
mcfl - Monterey County Free Libraries
mnpl - Monterey Public Library
mvl - Moreno Valley Public Library
mvpl - Mountain View Public Library
mupl - Murrieta Public Library
ncl - Nevada County Library
opl - Oakland Public Library
ocl - Ontario City Library
ocpl - Orange County Public Library
orpl - Orange Public Library
pgpl - Pacific Grove Public Library
pspl - Palm Springs Public Library
pacl - Palo Alto City Library
pld - Placentia Library District
placer - Placer County Library
ppl - Pleasanton Public Library
pcl - Plumas County Library
rcl - Rancho Cucamonga Library
rml - Rancho Mirage Public Library
rcpl - Redwood City Public Library
rpl - Richmond Public Library
rcls - Riverside County Library System
rvpl - Riverside Public Library
sal - Salinas Public Library
sbcfl - San Benito County Free Library
sbc - San Bernardino County Library
sbp - San Bernardino Public Library
sbpl - San Bruno Public Library
sfpl - San Francisco Public Library
sjpl - San Jose Public Library
smccd - San Mateo Community College District
smcl - San Mateo County Library
smpl - San Mateo Public Library
sccy - Santa Clara City Library
scpl - Santa Cruz Public Libraries
scl - Sonoma County Library
ssfl - South San Francisco Public Library
sunpl - Sunnyvale Public Library
trin - Trinity County Library
upl - Upland Library
vcl - Ventura County Library
vvcl - Victorville City Library
wpl - Watsonville Public Library
ylpl - Yorba Linda Public Library