Thursday, November 21, 2013

Update 11/20/13

enki News
We have created a blog to post updates to the enki Library system. Take a look at the page. You can also subscribe to receive emails when new posts are created.

We have added 3 new reports to the Reports Page. The reports give circulation and title/item counts by vendor. The circulation reports also give a percentage of checkouts to the count of titles from the vendor.

Book River
We have created the ability to set up several different searches to feed the book river that is on the enki Library home page. Currently, there are 6 tabs with custom searches for:

  • Available Now
  • Cooking 
  • Kids
  • Romance
  • Study Guides
  • Tech

Soon, each library will be able to set up their own searches for the home page.

We are still testing the individual library URLs but expect to be able to convert to them in the next few weeks.

Marc Records
We recently added one new title to the catalog. There is a marc record available for that title on the Marc Record page.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Update 11/13/13

We now have 5 new reports available. In addition to Circulations by Month, we have added:

  • Circulations by Library 
  • Title and Item Counts 
  • Titles Usage Summary 
  • Unique Users 
  • Top 100 Searches 

You can access the reports from

If there is a report that you would like to see added, please let us know and we will see if we can add it.

Mobile Site
The mobile site is now working for everything that the standard site can do. This includes reading content using the online viewer. I also put a link at the bottom of the standard site that will take you to the mobile site. This will be handy for someone who has clicked on 'Go to Standard View' from the mobile site and they now want to view using the mobile site. It is also useful for testing purposes.

Friday, November 8, 2013

Updates for 11/7/13

Individual Library Logins
We are currently working on making individual library logins for enki. This will mean an end to needing to choose your library in the pulldown list. Instead, each library will have their own URL. Once this is complete, we will begin to work on the code that is needed to allow libraries to purchase and own their own conent and the ability to customize certain parts of their enki website.

I expect that the new URLs will go into effect in the next week or two. The current URL will continue to work but will require people to use the pulldown when logging in. I wanted to give everyone a heads up, because the new URL will need to be added to the marc records as well as your website.

The new URL will be in the form of where xxxx is the code that your library has been assigned in enki. So, for example, the URL for Alameda County Library will be

Let me know if you have any questions.

Mobile Website
The mobile website is now working. If you open from a mobile device, the mobile website will come up. At the bottom of the screen is a link 'Go to Standard View'. If you choose this link, the standard (non-mobile) website will show and you will need to clear your cookies in order to go back to using the mobile website. The online viewer is not currently working from the mobile website but we expect to have this fixed within the next week.

New Libraries 
The enki Library system is up to 26 member libraries. The most recent additions are:
  • Monterey Public Library
  • Pacific Grove Public Library
  • San Benito County Free Library
  • Palo Alto City Library
Welcome to all!

McGraw Hill Titles
We recently loaded 431 titles from McGraw Hill. Some of the titles include:
  • JavaScript Demystified
  • McGraw-Hill's SAT Subject Test: Chemistry
  • How to Do Everything iPhone 5
  • Pinterest Kickstart
  • McGraw-Hill's Police Officer Exams
  • McGraw-Hill's 500 French Questions: Ace Your College Exams
  • Big Business Marketing For Small Business Budgets
Take a look at the titles for yourself.