Sunday, April 12, 2015

Library URLs

In January 2014, we announced the change to library specific URLs. This was the first step in creating the ability for libraries to purchase their own content and have it added to enki. We recently put the new code that will allow library owned content into place.  Since putting the code in place, the generic URLs of and have not allowed users to place holds. A fix for this has been put in place which requires users to specify their library system if it is not in the URL.

If you still use one of the generic URLs, please edit your website to change the link to use the new, library specific, URL. This will provide better service for your users.
The new URL is in the form of where xxxx is the code that your library has been assigned in enki. So, for example, the URL for Alameda County Library will be  Let me know if you have any questions.

You should also use the new, library specific, URL in your MARC records if at all possible.

acl - Alameda County Library
afpl - Alameda Free Public Library

alpine - Alpine County Library & Archives
apl - Anaheim Public Library
banld - Banning Library District
bld - Beaumont Library District
bpl - Berkeley Public Library
bgcls - Black Gold Cooperative Library System
bpld - Buena Park Library District
bur - Burlingame Public Library
bcl - Butte County Library
cml - Camarena Memorial Library
cccl - Contra Costa County Library
cpl - Corona Public Library
cola - County of Los Angeles Public Library
dacl - Daly City Public Library
dncl - Del Norte County Library
edl - El Dorado County Library
fpl - Fullerton Public Library
hml - Harrison Memorial Library
hwd - Hayward Public Library
hcl - Humboldt County Library
hbpl - Huntington Beach Public Library
imp - Imperial County Free Library
icfl - Inyo County Free Library
ksl - Kansas - State Library
kcl - Kern County Library
lpl - Livermore Public Library
lgl - Los Gatos Library
marin - MARINet
mcl - Mendocino County Library
mpl - Menlo Park Public Library
mvjl - Mission Viejo Library
mono - Mono County Library
mcfl - Monterey County Free Libraries
mnpl - Monterey Public Library
mvl - Moreno Valley Public Library
mvpl - Mountain View Public Library
mupl - Murrieta Public Library
ncl - Nevada County Library
opl - Oakland Public Library
ocl - Ontario City Library
ocpl - Orange County Public Library
orpl - Orange Public Library
pgpl - Pacific Grove Public Library
pspl - Palm Springs Public Library
pacl - Palo Alto City Library
pld - Placentia Library District
placer - Placer County Library
ppl - Pleasanton Public Library
pcl - Plumas County Library
rcl - Rancho Cucamonga Library
rml - Rancho Mirage Public Library
rcpl - Redwood City Public Library
rpl - Richmond Public Library
rcls - Riverside County Library System
rvpl - Riverside Public Library
sal - Salinas Public Library
sbcfl - San Benito County Free Library
sbc - San Bernardino County Library
sbp - San Bernardino Public Library
sbpl - San Bruno Public Library
sfpl - San Francisco Public Library
sjpl - San Jose Public Library
smccd - San Mateo Community College District
smcl - San Mateo County Library
smpl - San Mateo Public Library
sccy - Santa Clara City Library
scpl - Santa Cruz Public Libraries
scl - Sonoma County Library
ssfl - South San Francisco Public Library
sunpl - Sunnyvale Public Library
trin - Trinity County Library
upl - Upland Library
vcl - Ventura County Library
vvcl - Victorville City Library
wpl - Watsonville Public Library
ylpl - Yorba Linda Public Library

Sunday, March 29, 2015

New Marc Records available

MARC records are now available for the Kensington and National Highlights books that were loaded in November. I have made extensive updates to the programming for creating MARC records and have applied these changes to the two most recent additions.

You can access the MARC records at

Make sure to edit the 856 tag to customize the URL to your Library's URL. If you choose to use the new SSL site, make sure to customize that part of the URL too.

For example, change


I expect to have MARC records for the Smashwords and Workman books that were loaded in November and December soon.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

enki Library Training

Join us for introductory training on enki Library eBooks! Register here

Thursday, April 2nd:

  *   10 AM-12/Noon at the Peninsula Library System Office: 2471 Flores Street, Room 204; San Mateo, CA 94403. There is a parking lot but most of the spaces are rented out.  Please don’t park in the lot.   There is all day street parking on 24th Ave. between Flores St, and Hacienda St. Limit: 24. ​

  *   2 PM-4PM at the at the San Jose State University: 150 E San Fernando, Classroom 217, San Jose, CA 95113  (corner of San Fernando and 4th) and the room is on the 2nd floor. There is a parking garage on 4th just north of the library, between Santa Clara and San Fernando, on the left side of the street.  (4th is a 1-way going south so you get to the garage before the library). Limit: 28

Friday, April 3rd:

  *   10 AM- 12/Noon at the Marin County Free Library Technical Services Office at 1600 Los Gamos Dr., Suite 180, San Rafael, CA 9403.  Limit: 18.

Each two-hour course will cover:

  •   What is enki? How was it developed and where is it now?
  •   enki resources such as support, marketing and the collection
  •   How to access enki to check out, download and return titles
  •   Statistics and reports
Each training will include hands-on time, so please bring a personal device such as a laptop, tablet or smart phone. Please also bring a working library card and PIN number for a participating enki library.You will also need Adobe Digital Editions.

Sessions will be taught by Amanda Jacobs Foust of enki collection development for Califa.

RSVPs are required! To register, visit​

Saturday, March 21, 2015

SSL Certificate added

We have added a SSL certificate to the enki site. This means that you can point to the secure version of the site whenever you are ready.

So, if your URL is currently, you would change your URL to Make sure to change the links in the 856 tag of your marc records also.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Kensington Titles Added

We are so excited to have added over 3800 titles from Kensington to the enki library over the past few weeks, titles which we have been working on purchasing since our first call with them in January.  Having been in business for 40 years, Kensington has an amazing collection of both fiction and non-fiction, and many of us know them for their extensive romance and mystery catalog.  

With authors such as Lisa Jackson, Hannah Howell, Kathleen Bittner Roth, and Rhonda Helms, there are a lot of new titles from which to choose.  In time for the holiday season, some of the new titles will please romance readers especially: Christmas at Thorncliff Towers by Marina Myles, and Santa's Secret by Serenity Woods.  There are also many new titles from romance favorite Fern Michaels.  

Kensington isn't just romance, though.  They have a large collection of African American books including those from authors Lutishia Lovely (Preacher's Passion) and Mary Monroe (Company We Keep).  There are also hundreds of new mystery titles, including ones with a focus on women sleuths like Barbara Block's Endangered Species.  

We are so excited to have all of these titles in the enki platform, and encourage you to search around and find your own new favorites.  You can find many of the Kensington titles by searching for Kensington as the publisher in the advanced search option. Or, to find them all, do a keyword search on 111314_kensington.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Rowman & Littlefield titles added

New Titles
We’ve loaded about a thousand titles from the publisher Rowman & Littlefield in the past few weeks.  An independent publisher founded in 1949, Rowman & Littlefield publish trade and academic titles, but they also own the distribution network, the National Book Network, from whom we’ve also made a large purchase.

Some highlights from Rowman & Littlefield include:
Baseball without Borders from Distant Lands to the Major Leagues by Frank P. Jozsa,  tells the story of Roberto Clemente, the first baseball player born outside the United States to be inducted into the Hall of Fame, and looks at the impact of foreign born players and managers in Major League Baseball.  In keeping with the baseball theme, Baseball’s Most Notorious Personalities, by Jonathan Weeks, examines the players, managers and officials who are part of the dark side of our national pastime.  A great read for anyone who is into baseball or history, the book examines some famous personalities like Ty Cobb, who always slid into bases with his spikes pointed outwards, and brawled with a fan who heckled him.

One of the imprints in Rowman & Littlefield is Scarecrow Press, which has a series called Counting Down, which selects the best songs or pieces from major performance artists or composers.  We have Counting Down Bob Dylan by Jim Beviglia now, which goes through some of the well known Bob Dylan songs.  Another pop-culture book that will appeal to readers may be Myth, Media and Culture in Star Wars, by Douglas Brode and  Leah Deyneka, who have assembled a collection of essays on the influences that have shaped the movies, as well as the affect of the movies on pop culture.

R&L has a number of titles on education, including Creativity, Critical Thinking and Communication, by Melissa Goodwin, which contains research strategies that will help increase students’ levels in the 3C’s. Other notable titles include Cultivating Teacher Renewal by Barbara Larrivee, which deals specifically with teacher burnout, and the suggestions for creating healthier work life balances could be transferred to any career.

There are some wonderful titles in this batch, and we hope you have fun exploring them!

Marc Records
Marc records for Rowman & Littlefield have also been published at

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Marc Records Posted

New Marc Records
After a long delay, Marc records have been posted for the books that have been loaded over the last few months. There are 11 new marc files as well as a file that covers the complete set.