Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Kensington Titles Added

We are so excited to have added over 3800 titles from Kensington to the enki library over the past few weeks, titles which we have been working on purchasing since our first call with them in January.  Having been in business for 40 years, Kensington has an amazing collection of both fiction and non-fiction, and many of us know them for their extensive romance and mystery catalog.  

With authors such as Lisa Jackson, Hannah Howell, Kathleen Bittner Roth, and Rhonda Helms, there are a lot of new titles from which to choose.  In time for the holiday season, some of the new titles will please romance readers especially: Christmas at Thorncliff Towers by Marina Myles, and Santa's Secret by Serenity Woods.  There are also many new titles from romance favorite Fern Michaels.  

Kensington isn't just romance, though.  They have a large collection of African American books including those from authors Lutishia Lovely (Preacher's Passion) and Mary Monroe (Company We Keep).  There are also hundreds of new mystery titles, including ones with a focus on women sleuths like Barbara Block's Endangered Species.  

We are so excited to have all of these titles in the enki platform, and encourage you to search around and find your own new favorites.  You can find many of the Kensington titles by searching for Kensington as the publisher in the advanced search option. Or, to find them all, do a keyword search on 111314_kensington.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Rowman & Littlefield titles added

New Titles
We’ve loaded about a thousand titles from the publisher Rowman & Littlefield in the past few weeks.  An independent publisher founded in 1949, Rowman & Littlefield publish trade and academic titles, but they also own the distribution network, the National Book Network, from whom we’ve also made a large purchase.

Some highlights from Rowman & Littlefield include:
Baseball without Borders from Distant Lands to the Major Leagues by Frank P. Jozsa,  tells the story of Roberto Clemente, the first baseball player born outside the United States to be inducted into the Hall of Fame, and looks at the impact of foreign born players and managers in Major League Baseball.  In keeping with the baseball theme, Baseball’s Most Notorious Personalities, by Jonathan Weeks, examines the players, managers and officials who are part of the dark side of our national pastime.  A great read for anyone who is into baseball or history, the book examines some famous personalities like Ty Cobb, who always slid into bases with his spikes pointed outwards, and brawled with a fan who heckled him.

One of the imprints in Rowman & Littlefield is Scarecrow Press, which has a series called Counting Down, which selects the best songs or pieces from major performance artists or composers.  We have Counting Down Bob Dylan by Jim Beviglia now, which goes through some of the well known Bob Dylan songs.  Another pop-culture book that will appeal to readers may be Myth, Media and Culture in Star Wars, by Douglas Brode and  Leah Deyneka, who have assembled a collection of essays on the influences that have shaped the movies, as well as the affect of the movies on pop culture.

R&L has a number of titles on education, including Creativity, Critical Thinking and Communication, by Melissa Goodwin, which contains research strategies that will help increase students’ levels in the 3C’s. Other notable titles include Cultivating Teacher Renewal by Barbara Larrivee, which deals specifically with teacher burnout, and the suggestions for creating healthier work life balances could be transferred to any career.

There are some wonderful titles in this batch, and we hope you have fun exploring them!

Marc Records
Marc records for Rowman & Littlefield have also been published at http://enkitools.enkilibrary.org/marcrecords/index.html

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Marc Records Posted

New Marc Records
After a long delay, Marc records have been posted for the books that have been loaded over the last few months. There are 11 new marc files as well as a file that covers the complete set. 

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Help Wanted
Do you or other library staff want to help shape the shared enki collection?
Smashwords, an aggregator of ebooks by indie-authors, has been a huge proponent of working directly with public libraries to make independently published materials are available to library users.
Califa has been provided a very large list of titles available for possible purchase for the enki platform and has put aside a good amount of money to spend on these materials.
In order to help shape this collection, we are seeking staff with the following skills from participating libraries: 
• Strong understanding of reading trends and interests 
• Collection development experience 
• Fluency with Excel spreadsheets 
• An interest in selecting materials for which no professional review information exists
If you are interested and you can devote about eight to twelve hours to this project over the next six weeks, please contact Elliot Warren at ewarren@ccclib.org or (925) 927-3220. He will then work with you to find a collection area that meets your expertise, interests and schedule.

New Content
We have added over 1400 new titles in the past week. Marc records will be up soon for loading into your ILS. 
New Harbinger Publications
New Harbinger Publications is an East Bay based publisher of high quality self-help and psychology books. They specialize in books that cover the topics of anxiety, anger, self-esteem, depression and other common mental health issues.  Due to New Harbinger's history of publishing authoritative works on popular topics, and its presence here in the SF Bay Area, Califa and Contra Costa County Library staff identified this publisher as a potential key partner at the very beginning of the enki project, and we are happy to now be able to offer titles from this publisher via enki.

Here are some examples of New Harbinger Publications titles now available for check-out in enki:

Buddha's Brain draws on the latest research to show how to stimulate your brain for more fulfilling relationships, a deeper spiritual life, and a greater sense of inner confidence and worth. Using guided meditations and mindfulness exercises, you'll learn how to activate the brain states of calm, joy, and compassion instead of worry, sorrow, and anger. Most importantly, you will foster positive psychological growth that will literally change the way you live in your day-to-day life.

This book offers meditations, mindfulness practices, self-inquiry exercises, and yoga poses that soothe anxious feelings and develop mental clarity. Before long, you'll free yourself from the anxiety and fears that hold you back and learn to live with a more open heart and resilient mind. Just as yoga helps you feel more at home in your body, the mental and physical practices in Yoga for Anxiety help you increase your sense of contentment in life.

Written by a supervising psychologist who specializes in child behavioral issues, Parenting Your Child with ADHD presents a groundbreaking program for parents seeking to reduce their child's inattention, hyperactivity, and impulsivity and strengthen his or her capacity for self-reliance and cooperation.

Abdo Publishing
Abdo Publishing is a leader in the field of educational, nonfiction juvenile publications, and Library users now have access to over 1,100 Abdo ebook titles through enki. This is a significant opportunity to provide both homework-help support and fun reading for library patrons throughout California. Like most other publishers of juvenile nonfiction materials, Abdo has invested a huge amount of energy into helping to satisfy common core curriculum while also providing fun, interesting reading for kids.

For the enki collection, Librarians from Southern California and the San Francisco Bay Area selected titles they believe best match children's informational and recreational reading needs. Coverage is broad and includes such topics as astronomy, animals, values, states, countries, continents, and a whole lot more. It also includes a significant collection of phonics readers, graphic novels and Spanish language materials. Here are some good examples of Abdo titles that were recently added to enki:

The science projects in Super Simple Things to Do with Bubbles: Fun and Easy Science for Kids are easy and fun! Young readers can find the common household elements around the house and then complete the projects at home. No laboratory required! Each simple activity includes how-to photos, easy instructions, and short explanations. Readers will be thinking like scientists in no time! Besides adhering to science standards, this title also includes beginning math principles.

Dive into the underwater world of the great white shark! This book's large, up-close photographs will impress readers as they learn about the great white's size, appearance, and special features, such as its powerful jaws and sharp teeth. A labeled diagram gives readers a full-body view of this huge predator. The great white's diet, life cycle, and habitat are also introduced, and a colorful map shows where great whites live. Readers will also learn about the great white's special senses such as its lateral line, and how this fearsome fish uses them to outlast humans and other threats. A facts page, bolded glossary terms, and an index supplement the easy-to-read chapter text.

Find out what goes on every day inside of the human body! This title offers children an exciting voyage through the brain. Detailed illustrations, color photos, and simple text combine to make a fun and easy introduction to how the brain works. This book also includes simple activities and crafts like Reaction Action, Thinking Cap and how to make a Brain with how-to photos to further engage young learners.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Tutorial Now Available 

 A tutorial for using enki is now available on the enki site. The Tutorial link is just beneath the search box on the front page of enki next to the Help link. 

The tutorial was developed by staff at Kansas State Library, one of the original project funders, and will continue to be updated as the service evolves. One of the great things about the tutorial is that it includes the options for patrons to select among various ways to read ebooks--download to pc or mac, download to e-reader or tablet, online reading, or download to kindle fire--and only get the info relevant to their situation.

Patron Barcode Changes

We now have a form for barcode changes on the enki help site. After a patron has changed their barcode at their home library, they can fill out the form on the help site and all holds, checkouts, wish list items, etc. will be transferred to their new card number. 

Just go to the enki help site and click on the link to "How do I transfer my enki eBook holds from my old library card to my new account number?".

Hold Notice URLs

We fixed an issue where the hold notices did not include the library specific domain in the links. This has now been fixed, so if a patron clicks on a link on a hold notice, they will be taken to the correct library system enki page.

There was a similar issue with links that can be emailed or sent to the patron via SMS. This has also been fixed.


There was an issue where titles that had subtitles were showing  the subtitle twice. For example, the title "Divorce: It's All About Control" shows as "Divorce: It's All About Control: It's All About Control". This issue has been fixed.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Logos and Library specific URLs
A few of you haven't sent me your logo for inclusion on your web page. Please send me a logo that is no larger than 500 x 80 pixels and the URL that it should point to when clicked.

New Marc Records
Marc records have been posted for the new Dzanc titles as described below. 

New Titles
Enki has added about 150 titles published by Dzanc Books. Dzanc  is a non-profit publisher of literary fiction, short stories and essays that identifies itself as committed to community engagement by championing literature and writing across the educational spectrum. Dzanc funds and runs workshops and Writer-in-Residence programs, has set up low-cost writing instruction programs for beginning writers, and works in collaboration with literary journals to promote the reading of emerging authors' works.

Here are some examples of books published by Dzanc that have recently been added to enki:

The Los Angeles Review of Books called author Josip Novakovich "one of the most forceful and original essayists in the English language." Shopping for a Better Country is a collection of narrative essays on family, history, and travel from Croatian-American Josip Novakovich, a Whiting Writers' Award winner and recipient of a Guggenheim Fellowship. Having left his homeland of Yugoslavia, leaving behind kin and community, the author here captures significant portraits of what is lost, what is remembered, and what remains. Within those moments of fresh clarity of the past are the instances of repeated culture shock that never seem to lose their harsh edges.

The stories in Laura van den Berg's rich and inventive debut illuminate the intersection of the mythic and the mundane: a failed actress takes a job as a Bigfoot impersonator; a botanist seeking a rare flower crosses paths with a group of men hunting the Loch Ness monster; a disillusioned missionary in Africa grapples with grief and a growing obsession with a creature rumored to live in the forests of the Congo; and in the title story, a young woman traveling with her scientist mother in Madagascar confronts her burgeoning sexuality and her dream of becoming a long-distance swimmer.

Following the critical success of his debut collection, All Over, and of his debut novel, Pacazo, Roy Kesey now brings us a new gathering of short stories, Any Deadly Thing. These stories first appeared in magazines including McSweeney's, Subtropics, Ninth Letter and American Short Fiction, and have been widely anthologized; among them are winners of a Pushcart Prize special mention, an Honorable Mention in The Year's Best Fantasy and Horror, and The Missouri Review's Jeffrey E. Smith Editors' Prize in Fiction. With story locales ranging across the Americas to Europe and Asia, Kesey once again makes the full strange world his stage.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Library Logos

Now that we have the Library specific URLs set up, we have the ability to add your logo to to web page. You can look at the following sites for examples of how it will look.

To get yours set up, send me a logo that is no larger than 500 x 80 pixels and the URL that it should point to when clicked. 

We have been highlighting some titles as we load more content. This information would probably be helpful for the Collection Development staff. If you send me the email address for your Collection Development manager or other staff, I will add them to the updates emails.

More new titles
Enki has added over 4,200 new titles published imprints of FW Media. Many of these eBooks are the kinds of core titles public library patrons expect to see in public library collections: practical, well-produced nonfiction relevant to their personal goals and needs. The addition of FW Media titles further strengthens enki's role as an eBook platform built for library customers by libraries. Listed below are a few of the key FW Media imprints, and some representative titles. We think you will agree that your patrons will love these titles!

Adams Media (includes Everything Guides!):

Move your resume to the top of the pile! At a time when companies can draw on resume banks containing millions of documents, you'll need to create a concise and powerful resume if you want to stand out. Using his twenty-five years of experience, New York Times bestselling author Martin Yate has built a set of rules for creating the most effective document to get you noticed. He'll guide you through every step of the writing process as well as provide you with all-new examples of industry-specific resumes and those that cover every stage of your career.

Whether you need help solving equations or determining the slope of a line, this guide gives you the tools you need to find your answers! Beginning with the basics, you will learn and practice all the skills needed to enhance your algebra expertise.

David & Charles

Inspired fabrics and designs await you in Quilts From the House of Tula Pink! Welcome to the world of cutting-edge fabric designer Tula Pink, where clever quilts show off fanciful fabric, and your imagination can be let out to play. Featuring fabrics that you know and love, Tula offers 20 patterns with her signature flair for color, design and original style. Between 10 amazing quilts and 10 extra-cool companion projects, you'll be inspired to play with fabric, color and design in a way like never before!

The essential guide to beads and beading techniques *Illustrated techniques for beading on and off the loom, threading, stringing and fringing *Combines beading with knitting, crochet, embroidery and wirework for unique results *Includes 30 'Bead Something Now' projects, from striking jewelry to stunning accessories *Features useful guidance on taking each technique further to extend your skills

Writer's Digest Books

Novel & Short Story Writer's Market offers hundreds of listings for book publishers, literary agents, fiction publications, contests, and more. Each listing includes contact information, submission guidelines, and other important tips. You'll also find an increased focus on all aspects of the writing life, from insightful articles on craft and technique to helpful advice on getting published and marketing your work.

Learn How to Create Stories That Captivate Agents, Editors, and Readers Alike! Inside you'll find the tools you need to build strong characters, keep your plots moving, master the art of dialogue, choose the right point of view, and more. This comprehensive book on the art of novel and short story writing is packed with advice and instruction from best-selling authors and writing experts.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Library Specific URLs
Last week I announced that the Library specific URLs available. We are currently looking into how we can add your Library logo to the website. Please be aware that the marc records that we are providing do not point to your Library specific URL. You will need to edit the 856 tag to insert your Library code. 

Marc Records
As described below, we have loaded 823 titles from Britannica. The MARC Records are also available on the Marc Record pageIt was brought to my attention today that the 710 field of the records that were added in the past month, was incorrect. I fixed it and uploaded new files.

New Titles - Britannica
Over eight hundred eBook titles published by Encyclopedia Britannica have been made available via on enki. These include a wide array of children's and young adult nonfiction designed to enhance and support student access to reliable, up-to-date and entertaining information.

Here are some examples of Britannica's titles in enki:

Spiders! This clever book teaches young children all about spiders with text and close-up photos

There was a time when every voyage contained an element of the unknown. Today, however, the world spreads out before us carefully mapped and plotted. One must credit explorers with this transformation. Readers will devour these tales of explorers who have pushed geographic and personal boundaries, leaving virtually no corner of the globe off limits.

The geographically distinct American territories of California, the Great Basin, and the Southwest have long sustained a variety of indigenous peoples, including the Miwok, Comanche, and Navajo, respectively. An examination of each of these culture areas yields rich histories filled with steadfast traditions and religious practices, subsistence patterns dictated by geographic location, and social interactions within and between tribes. This absorbing volume surveys the history of the various groups that form these culture areas as well as the spiritual, cultural, and social practices that distinguish each tribe.

Drawing crowds for its displays of both raw athleticism and spectacular showmanship, basketball has become one of the most exciting spectator sports in the United States, as well as the world. Players renowned for their maneuverability and skill-"Air" Jordan and his classic acrobatic moves, for instance-have intensified the level of competition in professional leagues and inspired everyday fans to "shoot hoops" in friendly games. This engaging volume examines the history and evolution of basketball and some of its most influential players.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Marc Records
There are new marc records available for the new titles that have been added over the past month. You can get the records on the Marc Record page.

Recently added Titles
In December, enki added 143 titles from Booktrope, a Seattle-based start-up that calls itself "a team publishing platform and a social marketing engine for books of all kinds." Booktrope's titles range across many fiction and nonfiction genres. Here are a few examples that show the diversity of Booktrope's offerings:

Dizzy in Karachi

In a post-9/11 world, one young woman sought to understand what remained of her homeland beyond headlines and stereotypes As a graduate student of international affairs in Boston, Maliha Masood was deeply conflicted when it came to Pakistan. It was her birthplace where she spent an idyllic childhood riding camels on the beach, reciting English poetry and dancing to Abba. Class lectures depicted a failed state that enslaved its women. Media reports painted dire scenarios of blood baths and terror cells, crime mobs and Kalashnikovs. Determined to reconcile the past with the present, Maliha went back to Pakistan in 2003, after an absence of two decades, and stumbled upon the adventure of a lifetime.

Prop 8 Love Stories
Actors 10 to 17 years old interviewed 8 couples (3 mixed gender & 5 same gender) about Love, Life & Discrimination. Now watch these young actors portray those couples, word for word, in the most potent, moving and hilarious theatre you've ever seen. There are 16 leading roles in this award-winning, controversial play now being performed in high schools, colleges, churches and theaters around the world.

Home Field: Writers Remember Baseball
Baseball remembered by nine great writers - there's community, there's family, there's heart. Sherman Alexie leaping from reservation Little League to women, race, and identity. Timothy Egan tells secrets of coaching girls' Little League, including use of Doppler radar to scan for rain. Holly Morris describes how her women's softball team, the Smellies, perfected the fine art of hooha. Lynda Barry shares a tale of a magical baseball glove laced with difficult memories of her father. Larry Colton, once a "can't miss prospect," recalls the hope and pain of his professional pitching debut, then watches a next-generation "can't miss prospect" make the same mistakes. And much more. Here is baseball without stats but full of life, played by local heroes and heroines on their home field.