Sunday, December 22, 2013

We have 48 new titles from Boutique of Quality Books Publishing Company (BQB Publishing). The books published by BQB Publishing have all been written by writers who are new to the publishing world. BQB Publishing publishes books of all genres, including novels, self-help, children’s books, and more. Check the new titles out by doing a keyword search on 'BQB', or follow this link.

UC Press
We are proud to announce the addition to the enki eBook platform of over six-hundred titles published by the University of California Press.  We believe this partnership between the University and public libraries in California represents a key opportunity to collaboratively provide quality information and reading to Californians.

UC press is an autonomous unit within the University President's office. The publisher describes itself, on its website, in the following way: "As the nonprofit publisher of the University of California system, our mission is to disseminate scholarship of enduring value to multiple audiences. In publishing for diverse groups, University of California Press supports the University's mandates for research, teaching, and public service."

UC Press publishes a very diverse range of materials, from California Field Guides to books on culinary topics, to social history, to classics and literature and more. Here are some choice examples of new offerings in enki from the University of California Press:

Geared to everyday wine lovers who want to drink well, save money, and impress their friends, this book reveals everything needed to make delicious wines-both reds and whites-from start to finish.

"In this photograph-driven field guide to California's spectacular wildflowers, Laird R. Blackwell expertly provides several ways to find them in bloom: by month, by place, and by flower. The month-by-month descriptions-found in no other statewide guide-suggest what to see and where to go throughout the state during the blooming season. The author also supplies more than 300 locations arranged in 10 geographical regions, highlighting 67 of his favorite places with detailed driving and walking directions and difficulty, blooming times, and lists of predominant wildflowers as well as a featured flower.

Today he is known as Dr. Q, an internationally renowned neurosurgeon and neuroscientist who leads cutting-edge research to cure brain cancer. But not too long ago, he was Freddy, a nineteen-year-old undocumented migrant worker toiling in the tomato fields of central California. In this gripping memoir, Alfredo Quinones-Hinojosa tells his amazing life story-from his impoverished childhood in the tiny village of Palaco, Mexico, to his harrowing border crossing and his transformation from illegal immigrant to American citizen and gifted student at the University of California at Berkeley and at Harvard Medical School. Packed with adventure and adversity-including a few terrifying brushes with death-Becoming Dr. Q is a testament to persistence, hard work, the power of hope and imagination, and the pursuit of excellence. It's also a story about the importance of family, of mentors, and of giving people a chance

In this authoritative and immensely readable insider's account, celebrated cookbook author and former chef Joyce Goldstein traces the development of California cuisine from its formative years in the 1970s to 2000, when farm-to-table, foraging, and fusion cooking had become part of the national vocabulary. Interviews with almost two hundred chefs, purveyors, artisans, winemakers, and food writers bring to life an approach to cooking grounded in passion, bold innovation, and a dedication to "flavor first." Goldstein explains how the counterculture movement in the West gave rise to a restaurant culture characterized by open kitchens, women in leadership positions, and a surprising number of chefs and artisanal food producers who lacked formal training. The new cuisine challenged the conventional kitchen hierarchy and French dominance in fine dining, leading to a more egalitarian and informal food scene.