Monday, August 18, 2014

Rowman & Littlefield titles added

New Titles
We’ve loaded about a thousand titles from the publisher Rowman & Littlefield in the past few weeks.  An independent publisher founded in 1949, Rowman & Littlefield publish trade and academic titles, but they also own the distribution network, the National Book Network, from whom we’ve also made a large purchase.

Some highlights from Rowman & Littlefield include:
Baseball without Borders from Distant Lands to the Major Leagues by Frank P. Jozsa,  tells the story of Roberto Clemente, the first baseball player born outside the United States to be inducted into the Hall of Fame, and looks at the impact of foreign born players and managers in Major League Baseball.  In keeping with the baseball theme, Baseball’s Most Notorious Personalities, by Jonathan Weeks, examines the players, managers and officials who are part of the dark side of our national pastime.  A great read for anyone who is into baseball or history, the book examines some famous personalities like Ty Cobb, who always slid into bases with his spikes pointed outwards, and brawled with a fan who heckled him.

One of the imprints in Rowman & Littlefield is Scarecrow Press, which has a series called Counting Down, which selects the best songs or pieces from major performance artists or composers.  We have Counting Down Bob Dylan by Jim Beviglia now, which goes through some of the well known Bob Dylan songs.  Another pop-culture book that will appeal to readers may be Myth, Media and Culture in Star Wars, by Douglas Brode and  Leah Deyneka, who have assembled a collection of essays on the influences that have shaped the movies, as well as the affect of the movies on pop culture.

R&L has a number of titles on education, including Creativity, Critical Thinking and Communication, by Melissa Goodwin, which contains research strategies that will help increase students’ levels in the 3C’s. Other notable titles include Cultivating Teacher Renewal by Barbara Larrivee, which deals specifically with teacher burnout, and the suggestions for creating healthier work life balances could be transferred to any career.

There are some wonderful titles in this batch, and we hope you have fun exploring them!

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