Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Library Specific URLs
Last week I announced that the Library specific URLs available. We are currently looking into how we can add your Library logo to the website. Please be aware that the marc records that we are providing do not point to your Library specific URL. You will need to edit the 856 tag to insert your Library code. 

Marc Records
As described below, we have loaded 823 titles from Britannica. The MARC Records are also available on the Marc Record pageIt was brought to my attention today that the 710 field of the records that were added in the past month, was incorrect. I fixed it and uploaded new files.

New Titles - Britannica
Over eight hundred eBook titles published by Encyclopedia Britannica have been made available via on enki. These include a wide array of children's and young adult nonfiction designed to enhance and support student access to reliable, up-to-date and entertaining information.

Here are some examples of Britannica's titles in enki:

Spiders! This clever book teaches young children all about spiders with text and close-up photos

There was a time when every voyage contained an element of the unknown. Today, however, the world spreads out before us carefully mapped and plotted. One must credit explorers with this transformation. Readers will devour these tales of explorers who have pushed geographic and personal boundaries, leaving virtually no corner of the globe off limits.

The geographically distinct American territories of California, the Great Basin, and the Southwest have long sustained a variety of indigenous peoples, including the Miwok, Comanche, and Navajo, respectively. An examination of each of these culture areas yields rich histories filled with steadfast traditions and religious practices, subsistence patterns dictated by geographic location, and social interactions within and between tribes. This absorbing volume surveys the history of the various groups that form these culture areas as well as the spiritual, cultural, and social practices that distinguish each tribe.

Drawing crowds for its displays of both raw athleticism and spectacular showmanship, basketball has become one of the most exciting spectator sports in the United States, as well as the world. Players renowned for their maneuverability and skill-"Air" Jordan and his classic acrobatic moves, for instance-have intensified the level of competition in professional leagues and inspired everyday fans to "shoot hoops" in friendly games. This engaging volume examines the history and evolution of basketball and some of its most influential players.

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